Sharing EVDO internet connection with Vista based PC

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by firefuze, Jul 19, 2008.

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    Hi all, I have just recently purchased myself a new iMac. This is the first time ive used a mac based computer before so im still learning all the in's and out's. So this could be a simple mistake caused by a inexperienced mac user.. :eek:

    My Hardware:
    My iMac is a 3.06Ghz Intel mac, I have a Sierra 595U EVDO modem supplying the internet to my mac. no problems with the internet it connects perfectly and stays connected with no drop outs, (something my vista pc had never ending problems with) The vista pc is also Intel core 2 duo based and has Wireless 802.11N networking card installed. Linking the two computers will be a Wireless DLINK 802.11N Router.

    The Idea:
    So.. The iMac is connected to the internet using the 595U EVDO Modem, i want to share this connection with my Vista based PC. Both Mac and Vista PC's have 802.11N wireless networking. Between them is a 802.11N Wireless Router i use the router because adhoc is unreliable and so i can add extra PC's to the network when need be.

    I have enabled file sharing with SMB and internet connection sharing. Internet sharing is setup as (as stated in sharing tab) "connection from": 595U EVDO Modem and "to computers using": AirPort. The router has DHCP Disabled so that the mac can act as a DHCP Host (i guess that this principle works the same as Windows PC's do?) On the mac end everything seems fine, Internet is connected and airport states internet connection sharing is active. Vista end it states its connected to the router but has no internet access.. ive searched high and low to find a resoultion but am having no luck. I have had this setup for over a year with a Vista and XP PC with no major problems, the XP was the internet host. The XP PC is now gone and the iMac has replaced it. Hopefully some one can shead some light on how to resolve this issue.

    Many thanks in advance! :)

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    Since you are using the EVDO, it grabs a DHCP address. This won't fly using the router.

    You should take the router out of the configuration. You can use the Mac as your DHCP server wirelessly or by ethernet.

    You enable this feature by going to System Prefs -> Sharing -> enable Internet Sharing and choose the method (Ethernet or Airport). Then have your PCs connect to your Mac directly using DHCP. For the Airport you can even enable WEP password encryption.

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