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    Sep 6, 2005
    I am a little new to OS X so i need some help please. I can easily navigate to ~HD/users/xxxx/shared to get to each users music collection on this iMac bc i setup itunes to send the files there.

    But what about photos and documents and such. Is there a way to get rid of the red (-) symbols when trying to search other users accounts via ~HD/users/name? I dont want to have to copy all items i want to share (ie. photos) into the shared folder. wont' this take up more space on my harddrive?

    What is bonjour how does it work/how do i use it?
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    If user X wants to share folder Y, click on the folder's icon, then hit Apple-i to bring up the Info box. Expand the Details section, under Ownership and Permissions, and for Others, change it from No Access to Read Only. Then click Apply to Enclosed Items.

    The other users should now be able to access whichever of X's folders you do this for.

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