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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by tx26257, Jul 31, 2011.

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    Ok I have a iMac and a macbook pro. My MacBook does most the work, music, video editing, picture editing but I want to be able to transfer files back and forth to my iMac if more intensive editing is needed. Is there way for me to use my 2011 time capsule " which both computers are linked to" to share files between and if so how
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    Yes, you can use your Time Capsule, but there are some caveats. Your MBP and your iMac can both read and write files on the TC internal drive, and Time Machine will not delete them. However, eventually TM will fill all remaining space on the drive with backups, and then you won't be able to put any new files on the drive until you free up space.

    There are a couple of solutions... see Can I use my Time Capsule for backups AND other data?

    Two other options I can suggest: plug an external USB hard drive into the TC and use it for your transfer space. Since backups will continue to go to the internal drive, the TC external drive will be yours to do what you want with (note that it will not get backed up by TM!)

    Perhaps your best choice is not to use the TC at all. Set up disk sharing between you iMac and MBP and copy files directly to the machine you want them to go to. This will be faster, too. However, both machines will need to be turned on, although I think the target machine can be in sleep mode and will get woken up for the transfer.


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