Sharing iPhoto library with multiple computers


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Feb 27, 2007
Does anyone here share their iPhoto library between computers?

We have a 17" MBP (mine) and a 24" iMac (wife & kids) on an Airport Extreme. I also have a 300GB USB/FW external that I can connect to the Airport (which is USB only).

In iPhoto we have roughly 35BG (10,000+) of family photos and video that we both want to have access to.

It looks like I have a few options.

I've read that I can put the library on the external and access it from both machines. I'm not sure how that'll be over the Airport.. And I won't have access to the library when I'm out.

I can also use a "Share" function in iPhoto. I'm not sure if this is any better or worse than the first option. Then the wife won't have access when I'm out I figure.

I can also use ChronoSync to regularly copy the library but it may take quite a while over the Airport. And I'm not sure what'll happen if we both make changes..

Anyone have any suggestions? I'm sure many of us have more than one machine and plenty of videos and pictures..



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Aug 10, 2007
United Kingdom
In iPhoto 6 there was an option to create a 'Photocast' , which you can then subscribe to on a different machine(s). Not sure if this feature still exists in iPhoto '08 though.


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Mar 18, 2008
.Mac does not sync iPhoto. Has anyone else come up with an elegant solution or even an ugly hack?


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Nov 3, 2003
Maple, Ontario
I'm interested in finding a way myself, but to also include iTunes. So far it seems to be a third party app solution. I have .mac but it doesn't seem to be good for that. I'm surprised that Apple doesn't have a good solution to what I would think is a common problem.



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Jan 16, 2008
Central Ohio - USA
I'd like to take it even further. I have an MBA and would love to be able to share:

iPhoto pictures/slideshows etc
iMovie files
iWeb websites
iDvd files

Essentially, it would be great to share the entire iLife suite of files between machines. I don't have tons of room on my MBA and would love to work on an iMac but also work on the MBA.