Sharing iWork doc between two OSX devices

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    Getting myself all confused about iWork document sharing via iCloud.

    Just for me, everything works fine, my iWork documents are accessible & editable on my iMac, iPad and iPhone and via, no problems there, everything works great.

    When I send a shared link to a friend via iMessage, on his Macbook if he selects the link he opens the shared file on and on his iPad he's prompted to use a Mac/PC to access or to download a standalone copy to his device.

    My questions is, can I share a document so that my friend can work on it using the iWork app (Numbers in this case) installed on his Macbook, or can he ONLY edit it on the website?

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    Currently, the only way a person with whom you've shared an iCloud document can edit that document (and the two of you can work on it simultaneously) is within the iCloud web interface.

    Alternatively, that person could download a copy of the document you shared, which would allow them to edit it on OS X apps, iOS apps or iCloud interface and then share that edited copy back to you (via email, iCloud document shared link, Dropbox, etc.).
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