Sharing Mac WiFi to PC via Ethernet?

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    I have my Mac connect to my WiFi and I want to share that via Ethernet to my PC. I have the sharing settings setup, however my PC (running Windows 7) says that the its an 'Unidentified network' and gets no internet connection.

    Any help?

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    Ok, so your sharing settings are like in the pic I attached :confused:

    If yes and it still says unindentified network it could be IP settings on your PC that are off ( set a static IP etc.). Make sure that it has a dynamic IP assigned by the DHCP from your Mac.

    Check your IP setting on your PC by pressing ' 'Windows' + R' and then type in 'CMD'. That will open the Terminal.
    In the Terminal you will write 'ipconfig'. That will give you the
    IPv4 / IPv6 / Default gateway / Subnet mask and more information.
    Make sure all the settings are looking good.

    Maybe you can post a screenshot of the 'ipconfig' output and a pic of the specific network settings from your Mac. :D

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