Sharing Mac wifi??

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    My Mac is connecting to a wifi network that my iPhone can't connect to because it's too far away. Is there any way I can share my macs wifi with my iPhone or iPad 2. I've tried Bluetooth with the iPad but even when it says it's connected nothing loads. Are there any other ways to share my MacBook pros wifi connection.
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    The wifi on the Mac is one directional. If you get your internet via ethernet cable, then the wi-fi can be used to share it. If you get internet via wi-fi you can share via ethernet.
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    Mac OS X 10.6 Help: Sharing your Internet connection

    EDIT: BTW, as old-wiz suggested, notice you can't share your internet connection from Wi-Fi to other computers, by using Wi-Fi (unless, of course, you connect a wifi adapter and share the connection via it.)

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