Sharing MS Office identity wirelessly?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Salt, Dec 26, 2009.

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    Mar 21, 2008
    I'm trying to figure out how to share my MS Office/Entourage identity over a wireless network. File sharing seems to be the way to go with this (though maybe not). It's easy enough to get one computer to see the other and share files between them, also sharing identities is easy enough on a single machine (I've got that happening with my separate Tiger and Leopard startup partitions on my desktop). The hurdle seems to be getting the two to work together, to have Entourage be able to read and access an identity over a wireless network.

    My desktop (Jan. '08 Mac Pro Intel machine) is running Leopard and my laptop (older G4 Powerbook) is running Tiger. After connecting to my Mac Pro through my Powerbook (going to "network", then "connect", etc.) and mounting the Mac Pro's drive on my Powerbook's desktop, I navigated to the Mac Pro's Office 2008 Identities folder, created an alias of the main identity and placed that in the Office 2008 Identities folder on my Powerbook. On opening Entourage, I get an error message asking if I want to rebuild the identity (the Mac Pro's).

    I've also tried this hardwired to my modem's router, no luck. I'm recreating basically the same process I setup when sharing a single identity with my separate partitions on my Mac Pro, for some reason this isn't working on separate machines over a network. Maybe it's not possible???

    Any help, thoughts, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all.
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    That's not a recommended scenario.

    In your shoes, I'd do one of the following (depending on time, resources, and what you're trying to accomplish):

    1. If your goal is simply to be able to see your mail on multiple machines, and you're less concerned about other things like contacts or your calendar, then I'd get an IMAP email account. Then you can point Entourage at your IMAP account on any computer and see the same mail stored in the same way. This can be pretty cheap; there are several free email solutions that give you IMAP access.

    2. If you need your mail, contacts, calendar, etc, to look the same on every device that you want to connect to, then I'd look into a hosted Exchange solution. I'm not aware of any free solutions to this, but it's also more feature-rich than IMAP (plus you could get your mail/contacts/calendar on your iPhone or other mobile device, which is probably my favourite part of having an Exchange account).


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