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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by flyguy451, Apr 4, 2007.

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    My present configuration is that both my iMac and my Macbook connect to the outside world through an Airport express which is wired to a cable modem. I'd like to take the Airport express with me on the road. Apparently, I can setup the system so that the iMac is wired to the cable modem and the Macbook connects to the web through the wifi capability of the iMac. I have read the help file on how to do this and it does not seem too difficult however there is a caveat about possible problems;

    "IMPORTANT: If your Internet connection and your local network use the same port (built-in Ethernet, for example), investigate possible side effects before you turn on Internet sharing. In some cases (if you use a cable modem, for example) you might unintentionally affect the network settings of other ISP customers, and your ISP might terminate your service to prevent you from disrupting their network."

    I don't want to be terminated so I called my ISP's technical service line and inquired. Of course they have no clue about anything Apple so after explaining what I was planning to do I emailed the tech guy the help file. The next day I received a reply saying that they did not support any sort of internet connection sharing! I suspect that they have misunderstood what I want to do. There is really no difference for them if I connect with two computers one way or the other. I think they are just saying "don't do it" because they don't know what it is.

    I'm just looking for advice; is this a good way to set up my system? are there any other considerations? will this actually cause any problems with my ISP? etc?

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    I have no idea what they're talking about. Internet sharing is extremely simple. I use the Airport card in my Mac Pro to provide wireless internet to my Wii and occasionally my PBG4, without the need of a router. The MP's connected directly to the cable modem. It works great.

    "If your Internet connection and your local network use the same port (built-in Ethernet, for example)"
    I don't understand this, really... maybe a networking expert can chime in.
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    Mar 29, 2007
    By officially not supporting sharing a connection... they don't have to bother with these types of tech support issues.
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    I've been running this setup for over a year with no problem with a DSL ethernet connection into my G4 Tower, broadcasting on a specific channel to my laptops. However, I once set up the same configuration from a cable model into a PB G4, and the modem connection was terminated. Had to call the ISP to get it restarted. They asked specifically if I had been sharing wirelessly without their specific wireless modem.

    I would just try it and see.

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