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Nov 8, 2008
So now that MobileMe is gone, what is the best way to share photos with others? I'm not a fan of posting pics on facebook, plus many of my family members don't use it. I used to publish from iPhoto to one of my MobileMe galleries. That wasn't bad. Would my best option be to use the Flickr integration with iPhoto you think? I don't think PhotoStream is a solution because I don't think you can share that easily with others. Just looking for suggestions. Thanks.


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Mar 6, 2011
As you've said, Photostream is not a viable solution, as it seems to be conceptualised more as a means of pooling/syncing photos at the input stage, i.e. before/as they are imported to a library. What's lacking is a means to sync that library between devices and to share (export) photos.

With the termination of MobileMe, iPhoto lacks a method of sharing photographs beyond the send via e-mail option. However, it is rumoured that the next iPhoto update will introduce the 'Journals' feature from the iOS version of iPhoto, which is broadly the same thing as the MobileMe galleries.
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