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    I created some playlists on Apple Music. I wanted to share one with someone else. I selected the "share playlist" option. It did not ask me who I wanted to share the playlist with. Now on the list of playlists, below the playlist name it says "Shared." So all it has done is put a label on the playlist. There is no option to "unshare" the playlist or to send it to someone else, which I thought was the purpose of sharing.

    When I open a playlist, just below the title on the right there are three choices -- EDIT, a square with an arrow pointed upward, and three dots. "EDIT" allows me to add a description or add/remove songs to the playlist. The square with the up arrow does nothing. Nothing happens when I press it. The three dot icon gives me a bunch of options including play next, add to up next, remove downloads, share playlist, add to a playlist, and delete. If I press "Share Playlist," it closes the window and when I go back to that playlist it shows "Shared" under the title of the playlist. That is all it does, which is basically useless. Somewhere I read that you are supposed to be able to send links to playlists to others. I would like to be able to do that.

    Has anyone figured out how this works? Obviously I am missing something. Thanks.
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    It's unbelievably weird. I was able to share playlists through the three-button menu. I even posted some here in the forum. But now the situation is as you described. At least on iOS, "Share Playlist" doesn't do anything for me anymore. And yes, the button with the box and the arrow also doesn't do anything.

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