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Discussion in 'iPad' started by Tsuchiya, Jul 12, 2011.

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    (FYI before anyone jumps in with their assumptions, I'm not a parent who is fed up of their kids hogging their new toy, I'm a college student, I work part time to pay for this stuff, and I live at home with my parents and siblings (of a similar age))

    Heres my situation: I love my iPad. I use it all the time at home, and manage to quite comfortably fit it in my life alongside my phone and laptop. I read on there, do some light typing, web browse, watch video etc. All in all, my iPad is MY personal device. I store my own things on there have it linked to my email accounts etc.

    Trouble is, my family also LOVE my iPad. If it put it down for a moment, it's gone. If I use it downstairs, someone pesters me to use it. When I leave it downstairs for all to use (I don't take it to work with me), I come home exhausted and find it in someones hands (usually my brothers), and when I finally get it back, I usually have less then 5% battery life left and there are food smear marks on the screen.

    I personally don't think this situation is too great, while I'm happy to share to an extent, I don't want to have to wrestle over my own iPad!

    So I'm thinking about buying another one for everyone to use. Good idea? Bad idea? Do I just need to put my foot down here? Anyone had similar experiences? How did you deal with it:confused::confused::confused:

    edit: I should also mention that this has been happening since the 2010 release of the original iPad. I hardly ever got to use it, and when I replaced it with the iPad 2 a few months back, I started trying to keep it to myself (still failing!)
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    I've had similar experiences with my iPod Touch 1G. I bought it with my own money, but my brother and sisters constantly used it. After a month of always having to "wait for them to be done with it" I put a passcode on it. My parents got furious and told me to remove it so my siblings could play games on it. I retorted that I bought it with my money for my use. If I wanted it locked, it will be locked. A week later they got a shared one for the littler ones.
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    Everyone's family is so different, it's difficult for anyone to give you good advice on this. What would work with one family won't work with another.

    1) You could pass code it and understand they'll be pissed and think you're selfish.

    2) You could chip in for an iPad 1 refurb for them to use? Maybe they can pony up some cash?

    3) Or, allow them to use it and just deal. Maybe set up ground rules?

    As for the food residue, for me that would be unacceptable. It's an expensive device and you just want them to take care of it. The battery being dead when you want to use is also inconsiderate. Admittedly, you've been nicer about it (apparently) than I would have been! There is no right answer, but here are a few options, all with drawbacks I suppose.
  4. CHSeifert, Jul 12, 2011
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    You're being far too kind.

    Passcode and tell them it's a personal device meant for one person - it's owner.

    End of story ;)
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    Jun 21, 2010
    I have a similar experience but with my current SONY VAIO laptop. I lent it to my little brother ONCE, and he fell in love with the way it runs ever since. He's had a past of ruining other computers, either it was a coincidence or Lord knows what he did, but I was so nice to the point where, just as in your case, I'd have to ask him for my own laptop back. He'd take my laptop and charger to his room. Every day, as soon as I'd wake up, he'd ask. When I returned from work, I eventually got used to not seeing my laptop on my bed anymore.

    Bright side is, he just runs video games on it, but he downloads programs and whatnot and it can kind of get annoying.

    Solution? I'm currently in the progress. I just took back my laptop and charger from his room and started using it more (coincidently, of course, not intentionally). I'm planning on reselling this laptop I'm using to help me buy a new MacBook and an iPad, much to his devastation (hell, I paid $800+ for it, I need to get SOME value back, especially since it runs smoothly and it's STILL a clean white laptop after a year), but he's more of a desktop kind of gamer so I'm just chipping in on buying him a new tower next month for his bday.

    So it really depends on how you can communicate with siblings, but at the same time they pay attention to how often you do or don't use it. Trust me.
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    My iPad 2, and my MBP is used a lot by my family. My girlfriend uses my MBP a lot, and also my parents when I see them. No issue for me. I trust them, and the fact they know, if they break it they pay for it. :)
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    So I take it you sold your original iPad to pay for the new one? If you still have it, give them that one to share.

    If you have sold it, talk to your parents and see if they are willing to help pitch in for a family iPad. Tell them that you need your iPad for school, to take notes and get etextbooks for classes. Just try to work something out, because just pass locking does nobody any good, your family will think your selfish and everytime you unlock it with the passcode you'll be reminded that they're pissed at you.

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