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Discussion in 'macOS' started by dvkid, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. dvkid macrumors regular

    Feb 18, 2006
    I work in an office that is 100% Mac-based. I've taken on the role of administrating things, mostly because it doesn't add that much to my plate and is pretty easy to do most of the time.

    Most of our employees have a need to move files between computers pretty frequently. Whether we're transferring photos or text documents, we share A LOT. Right now, I have each computer setup with a Sharing setting for a specific username, called Workgroup. Each computer can be accessed and all files can be viewed by anyone who knows that login. (employees aren't permitted to store any private information or files on their computers). The only issue with this system is that when another user accesses my computer and drops a file on my desktop, it isn't owned by me. I cannot edit it or save it without first changing permissions. That has become a big issue for some of our editors and our publisher, so now its my charge to find a more perfect solution.

    What I've come up with so far, is that each user is able to use the OS-created Public folder to share files. By dropping a file in the Public folder, anyone on our network can see it and drag it to their own computer. In doing so, they'll take ownership of that copy of the file. Because the Public files would be made Read Write accessible to everyone, users could login as guests and still have access to the shared documents. The only downside is that a person cannot complete a transfer on their own. One user must share the file and the other must go get it. This is only a problem in a few specific situations, but so far I've not yet found a way to put a file on another's computer and avoid permissions issues short of using that user's name and password to login.

    Does anybody out there have a better way of doing this?
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    Check out Dropbox. It has a lot of the sharing capablity built-in and is even cross platform. I use it to share documents with my team and as way to easily work on stuff at home. 2GB is free, the paid version gets you 50GB. What I like about it is the versioning. It has replaced dotmac and local shared folders for me.

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