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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by S600MBUSA, Nov 18, 2007.

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    Well, I previously posted a thread asking how I could share the wireless internet connection of my MB Pro with my 360. I noticed that some people chimed in who wanted to know as well. So for those of you, here's what worked for me. I got inspiration and information from various links, including some posted in that thread. Thanks to those who provided them.

    You'll need:

    -A Mac laptop
    -A working wireless network that your laptop is connected to
    -An Ethernet cable
    -An XBOX 360

    Start out by going to System Preferences>Sharing>Internet. Then, under "Share your connection from:," select "AirPort." And then check "Built-in Ethernet" below that. And of course, finally click "Start."

    Then, you'll need to start up your 360. On there go to the Dashboard>System Panel>Network Settings>Edit settings.

    As this is up, on your Mac, go to Applications>Utilities>NetInfo Manager. Then config->dhcp->subnets->192.168.2. In the bottom of that window, you will find the information you are going to need to enter into your 360.

    Back on the 360, select IP Settings, then "Manual." For the IP Address, enter something within the "net_range" given in NetInfo. For Subnet mask, enter "" Gateway should be the number given for "dhcp_domain_name_server" in NetInfo (Mine was, which I believe is the default). Then select "Done" on the 360.

    Go to DNS settings>manual>Primary DNS server and enter the number in NetInfo next to "dhcp_router" (for me, it was the same as the number I entered for "Gateway"). Then, for "Secondary DNS server," enter and "Done"

    Finally, you should connect an Ethernet cable between the port on your notebook and the 360. Go back to "Network Settings" on the 360 and select "Text XBOX Live Connection." Everything there should pass and you'll be ready to go!

    The help I received came from here, here, and here.

    Hopefully, my directions weren't too complicated and will work for you! Please reply with feedback or any questions you may have.
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    Play-by-play much appreciated...

    ...But I am starting out in Leopard (I am assuming the tutorial was written for Tiger) and can't see to find NetInfo. I see Network Utility in the utilities folder, an am assuming that it serves the same function of NetInfo Manger in Leopard. If my assumptions are false, I could really use a point in the right direction.

    Much Obliged,
    Toby C
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