Shave Ice Tycoon

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    Aug 5, 2011
    Shave Ice Tycoon is a Business Simulation, or Tycoon, based game for the iPad. It’s sort of like Lemonade Tycoon or Lemonade Stand, if you’ve ever played those games before.

    In Shave Ice Tycoon you run your own Shave Ice Business. You select the recipe for your shave ice, set your own price, and see how the public enjoys your product.
    Try to make a profit and upgrade your business to rule your local town.
    • 30 Upgrades​
    • 4 Locations to Explore​
    • 25 Flavors to Buy​
    • 3 Different Difficulties​

    Shave Ice Tycoon is available on the iPad for $0.99:

    Watch our Youtube Promotional Video:


    Title Screen

    Main Screen

    In game of the City location

    Upgrades Screen

    What an upgrade look like, here’s the best shave ice machine

    After each day, you get a report

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