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Sep 3, 2012






Welcome to Mochi-Sheep’s Land,there are some easy and fun games here for all from your baby to my granny.
challenge your families and friends, have a good time with these tender and delicious looking adorable sheep.

• 4 games included:
"Sheepo Graze” - Lead Mochi-Sheep graze around the pasture, avoid obstacles and other sheep, do as many combo as you can to make higher score!
"Sheepo Save” - Save the Mochi-Sheep from hungry wolves, test your eye-hand skill to see how many wolves you can knock out!
"Sheepo Snake” - Enjoy classic snake game with adorable Mochi-Sheep, try make a incredible long sheep snake parade!
“Sheepo Hunt” - Play as a wolf watch out for the bomb-sheep, hide in bushes and dash to hunt the sheep down. make combos for hunt down preys rapidly, check your talent of be a hunter!

• Adorable adorable Mochi-Sheep with vivid animation
• Run your Mochi-Sheep with 2 cheerful BGMs
• More map varibilities
• Compete with your families & friends by local leaderboards
• Game Center / Game Service support
• Social share support
• No pop-up ads, enjoy your game with full visibility
• HD tablet supported
• New games mode will keep coming up with following updates!

• • Next mode “Sheepo Run - lead sheep away from obstacles in ranch" will be included soon!

Rate us if you enjoy it, the more good ratings, the more contents we will add!

Store links:
Sheepo Land BLUE - iOS
Sheepo Land PINK - iOS
Sheepo Land LITE - iOS

More adorable fun games here: Marugemon Homepage
Get news from us on: Marugemon Facebook Page
Follow us on Twitter:

We would like to hear your thought,
Have fun!! :)

Marugemon Team
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