Sherlock = Apple Web Browser (sorta..)


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Dec 15, 2001

Check out the new SDK for Sherlock 3. If you install their developer channels, you get a HTMLview channel, which downloads the html source of any site. Then, you can click render, and it'll use Mac OS X's HTML renderer to render the page IN SHERLOCK. It's not the best, but it proves that Apple has the basics for building a browser.

I would attach a screen shot, but I can't get the file size down small enough

Also, there doesn't seem to be CSS support...

To add the channels into your sherlock, try clicking this: sherlock://


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Apr 14, 2002
bat country
ugly and slow, but pretty cool. i wonder if what dave hyatt has been working on is a sherlock channel that uses chimera's core as a helpviewer/webbrowser. i've also wondered why no one has made plug-ins for sherlock 3 yet (other than massinova). i think that we users would also be much better served if most of the channel was stored localy, so that it did not take forever to load. thanks for the tip, this little tidbit is quite interesting indeed.


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Jul 17, 2002
If apple wants to put sherlock on steroids and give it browsing capabilities.. they may end up hurting themselves.. sherlock as it stands is a pretty thick application.. and most mac users out there are going for these super slim super efficient clean interface browsers.. sherlock is definitely not that.. maybe the HTML render thing is just a way to test for their upcoming browser without sending out beta browsers to testers to keep it secret longer.. I'd much rather see an iWeb app.. if thats the case i'll also be interested to see what they call it.


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Jul 16, 2002
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LOL i just saved '' to open it in help viewer,
and then I remembered that I was on a PC. Too bad....


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Jul 15, 2002
i think that seeing any relation of this to an Apple web browser is halucination.

If apple were to release a web browser, it wouldnt be as clunky and slow as Sherlock. Also, rendering HTML is a far cry from a web browser.