shiny new 17" HR and 20" isight imac :).. initial reactions

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Kace, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. Kace macrumors regular

    Sep 8, 2005
    heh.. finally my shiny new powerbook 17" HR and 20" imac isight have arrived.. gosh im glad i went with the 17", love it to death. oh and no screen horizontal line issues and surprisingly no dead pixels on either of the machines.. slightly darker edges on the PB though.. not that much of an issue though..

    the imac screen is far superior in terms of brightness and clarity.. but the 17" is just darned right beautiful.. cost me an arm and a leg to save up (esp down under, apple care is a joke, $580 for powerbooks). a far cry from the 3 year old TiPb (my first mac) that i was using untill recently. in my effort to get my brother to switch, i lent him the machine and his house ended up being broken into and my powerbook was gone.

    i managed to get these beautiful machines for a decent discount using the education pricing at the store. esp for the extra ram and apple care. the sales rep at the apple center (yes we still dont have a fully decked up apple store here) seemed pretty nice and friendly and offered apple care and an extra gig of ram for both machines for a very competitive price (cheaper than what was available online). still he probably got a healthy commission out of this.

    wanted to wait for the rev b mactel PB but as my old 15" got stolen i gave in. now im set for 3 years, untill rev d or e comes out with 10.5 atleast.

    am running the software updates on both machines right now, so cant comment on jaguar vs tiger. but one thing is for sure, Mac OS X undoubtbly rocks. tiger seems to be much faster and a lot more refined. although true gains would only be visible once i get my stash of software up and running.

    love expose already and widgets seem pretty useful. havent yet got a chance to test spotlight, but i know its a monster.

    the keys on the 17" are absolutely fantastic, so much better than the plasticky feel of the Ti's keys. but i do miss my Ti, it was my first mac and i'm never looking back. although i admit being a windows user, but only when its necessary.

    anyone know a good msn client for os X? along with a solid dock/drawer type application? please let me know.

    some pictures are attached. enjoy!

    loving life.. all i need is a decent digi cam now.

    edit : will upload pictures a little later.. 244 kb limit does not suffice
    edit : throwing in the pic of my beautiful 8800 and the soundsticks II, that are wirelessy connected to AE. trouble is all my songs are gone :-(... for now anyway/..
  2. TBi macrumors 68030


    Jul 26, 2005
    Nice to have that much money :)

    I recommend ADIUM for MSN on the mac. It really grew on me and is much better than the Official MSN client.

    If i could sell off my Athlon X2 at a good price i'd go back to Mac in a heartbeat, but i can't stand to lose that much money so i'll just have to use it.
  3. Anik macrumors newbie

    Oct 13, 2005
    Cheers, Kace - glad you love your new machines!

    I've just gotten my 20" iMac a couple of days before you, so I'm not very far ahead on the curve, but I can reccomend Adium as a lovely multi-protocol chat program. I've got accounts with MSN, ICQ and AIM going, but it also supports connections to Jabber, Yahoo, and a pile of other IM services. Unfortunately, it doesn't support all the features of all the individual networks (I'd love it if I could use it with the iMac's iSight) but I still find it to be a good little program, and enjoy it a great deal more than the various MSN clients I've had to work with on Windows.

    Hope you enjoy it - and have fun with your enviable new Macs :)


    [Edit: Yeah, what TBi said!]
  4. Kace thread starter macrumors regular

    Sep 8, 2005
    thanks guys, will download it and check it out. my tipb was just never powerful enough for me to really venture into anything other than the usual graphic work, web designing stuff et al.
    anyway tiger seems really cool. am loving the widgets already. front row is exquisite. only thing missing is a tv tuner.
    but i really cant get over the backlit keyboard of the powerbook, makes me wanna type. :)
    only thing, ive got exams to study for and work to finish! damn..

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