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    Ship out of Luck - Now available on the Apple App Store.

    Desperate survivors of a space colony under attack need your help in Ship out of Luck, the new universal iOS game for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.






    Disaster has struck! A deep space outpost has been attacked, leaving helpless survivors adrift in rescue pods. Players have been assigned the daunting task of rescuing them by guiding a ship through the scene. Players must avoid asteroids and gather the rescue pods. Collecting enough pods will energize the shield system temporarily, allowing players to destroy asteroids for higher scores. Dock with repair stations along the way to repair damage and recharge your ship for the next wave of survivors and ready yourself for encounters with enemy attack ships.

    Players will find themselves navigating through beautifully rendered, scrolling space scenes, narrowly avoiding collisions with dangerous asteroids in deep space. Players must hone their piloting skills to advance to increasingly more difficult levels and confrontations with enemy ships. Each pod rescued along the way will undo a little bit of the damage done by collisions with asteroids and eventually enable the player to energize the shield system to destroy asteroids. Along the way, repair stations will patch up your ailing ship, and enemy attack ships will buzz in for fiery, face-to-face confrontations.

    All this fast-paced, arcade-style action is set to one of the most diverse selections of music for any iOS game. Players can plunge into the action with their choice of ethereal synths with techno beats, war drums and rousing trumpets, grungy guitar rock, soft and reflective piano or even a tune reminiscent of mid-'90s game consoles. All of these music tracks were written and produced for Ship out of Luck.

    • Immersive, action-packed, arcade-style gameplay
    • Beautiful visuals and professionally designed art
    • Selection of music from an amazingly diverse and original soundtrack
    • Continually evolving difficulty levels and features
    • Cocos2d's smooth animation and eye-catching particle effects
    • Game Center integration with leader board
    • 10 achievements, including a hilarious Easter Egg
    • Straightforward, easy-to-use touchscreen controls
    • Shield power-ups
    • Level bonuses for exceptional players


    App Store link

    Gameplay video

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