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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by eliot3b4, Oct 15, 2018.

  1. eliot3b4 macrumors newbie

    Mar 28, 2012
    Ordered the watch 4on September 23. Watch was shipped and hung out in China a couple of days.. Then along the way the watch was shipped and spent a day in Alaska. Then Alaska to Kentucky where it hung out there for 2 days. Meanwhile received an e-mail saying Apple Care coverage began on September 23rd. I haven't even received the watch and the 2 year protection has begun??

    After calling Apple and complaining, the watch will now be delivered tomorrow instead of Thursday. Was told nothing they could do about Apple care. Really????
  2. bruinsrme macrumors 603


    Oct 26, 2008
    Just call Apple care and ask them to adjust the date to the signed for date
  3. nealh macrumors 6502

    Jul 20, 2010
    Lol. I tried and spent 25 min on hold and gave a callback number. Got disconnected and no one called back. No follow-up. Nothing
    I’m really disappointed with Apple CS lately
  4. Proteinaceous macrumors member

    Dec 4, 2004
    I had the same issue. Ordered my watch (2 watches, actually) on 29 Sep. They only just shipped this week and I should be getting them next week. When the watches shipped I received an email saying AppleCare will be through 01 Oct 2020, meaning it went into effect on 01 Oct 2018. Based on that, I would be losing ~1 month of coverage.

    The response you received seemed very “un-Apple-like.” Why would they penalize the customer because of manufacturing (or shipping) delays. So, I called Apple support and got a different answer than you. I was told that the coverage start date resets to the day the watch is first activated. Based on that response, we should be fine and will get full coverage.

    Assuming you’ve received your watch by now and have activated it, you should be able to check the support status online to see if that is true.

    Side note - I was put on hold for a few minutes and then got disconnected...but, the rep did promptly call me back. So, I hope your experience was the exception.
  5. hologram macrumors 6502

    May 12, 2007
    I got a confirmation email saying my Apple care started on 6 October, even though my watch isn’t supposed to arrive until next Tuesday, so I called Apple support. The woman I spoke to was very nice, she agreed it shouldn’t go into effect before the watch arrived, so she set up a case# for me, told me to call back when it arrived and they’d start it as of that date.

    You shouldn’t have any problems getting it adjusted. If you do, ask for a supervisor.
  6. Proteinaceous macrumors member

    Dec 4, 2004
    So to summarize this thread...3 of us called Apple and asked the same question and we got 3 different answers.

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