Shipping method for a Power Mac G5?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by aajeev, Mar 21, 2012.

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    So I have a problem and I want to know if anybody has done this before. I'm trying to figure out what the is best way(or cheapest)to get a Power Mac G5 from Arizona to Alabama? I bought a Power Mac G5, I found at a used store while visiting a friend in Arizona. So far the best way I can think if is asking somebody who might be heading that way by driving to see if he is willing to bring it along with them (for some fee). Of course, I could also go with the usual shipping companies. I just want to see if anybody has a different idea? Thanks.
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    I assume you're traveling by plane and can't bring it back with you? If so, you might consider shipping a box of clothes back via Parcel Post (or throw some of the clothes out/donate to a local charity) and carefully package the G5 up and bring that in your luggage instead. You should be able to find some cheap luggage at a local thrift store if necessary. Or if you are traveling with someone, could they bring it back in luggage? Depending on the airline, each will allow 1, sometimes 2, pieces of luggage without extra fees. Some airlines have weight limits before charging extra fees, check with your airline on their policy before making a final decision. They weigh between 39-49lbs, depending on which model, not including any upgraded cards, and without the power cord, keyboard, etc. Once you put it in luggage (and pack it in safely using clothes or other material) it's going to be 50lbs+, which might be too heavy to bring it along for free as one of your pieces of luggage, but each airline is different.

    Shipping probably will cost $50-60.

    UPDATE: I did a quick calculation for you on using a phoenix zip and an alabama zip, using 58lbs as the weight and 25x25x12 as a generic size box. Parcel Post shipping is $51. In my experience Fedex is cheaper than USPS.
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    Be careful about protecting the handles in your package. They're the parts that are most prone to damage in shipping, and there's no real way to fix them afterwards.

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