Short Film Ideas


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Mar 15, 2012
I am in need of a short film idea. The film will be round about five minutes long. thank you!


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Jan 15, 2006
Keep it simple. 5 minutes is a really short amount of time and with dialogue it becomes even shorter. Try to tell your story with emotion and pictures rather than obvious dialogue.

What is the proposed function of the film?


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Feb 4, 2010
Spend 4:30 showing a boy making a fabulous gift for a girl in order to impress and win her heart. At 4:31, show boy with completed gift running to catch the school bus she's on. At 4:36, show girl smiling as she sees boy headed for bus. Cut back to boy by 4:38, smiling at the girl yet not watching for traffic as he darts into the street. Have boy get hit by a van at 4:40, slow motion until about 4:45. Cut to horrified girl screaming behind bus window in slo-mo for another five seconds. Cut to black mid-scream, followed with fade-in of crying children SFX during credit roll.

You can just put "wonderspark" in there for screenplay. :p