Short Lightning to Headphone Jack 3,5mm Adapter?

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  1. ataq, Feb 14, 2018
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    I'm desperatalely searching for an Lightning to Headphone Jack 3,5mm adapter where the lightning connector is shorter so I can use it with my Gimbal. Is that even possible due to the hardware design of the lightning connectors? If thats not possible, is there any robust adapter out there? I'm sure I will break the original adapter because I have to push the phone with the adapter attached tightly against the gimbal clamp. Please check the attached photo to get an Idea what I'm talking about.

    Just found the splitter adapter which is already shorter than the original Apple adapter. I'm from Europe, so I need to find a Shop other than Any ideas?

    Do you have any recommendations or ideas?
    Thank you!


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    Dumb question but why can't you just turn the phone around so the cable is at the other end?
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    Do a Google image search using the one you found.

    I'd be concerned that the controls might not work with a third-party adapter.
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    Because the arms of the gimbal would be in front of the cam then.

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