Short lived dream with BTMM :(

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    Jul 25, 2005
    I work at a large enterprise inundated with windows machines in a windows friendly network - but I use an iMac, both at work and at home.

    Just a couple of weeks ago, installed mobile me and tried BTMM and it worked like a charm, both directions – I could not believe that I was able to penetrate all sorts of stops and checks our IT has in place and connect to my desktop and use all the apps and local resources (not to mention the computing power of my work fully suped up work iMac). I raved about it to my colleagues for a couple of days and that's it — can no longer connect to work from home. Checked all settings and they have all been the same. I can still do it the other way – connecting to home to grab some forgotten documents or schedule a recording with eyeTV or what not.

    MobileMe chat support only gave me generic pointers about known configurations that work etc and no specific troubleshooting on why my case failed abruptly as it did.

    I hesitate to bring this up with my IT folks as they are always militantly unsupportive of rogue macintosh features such as this (their solution will be to go the VPN route, which takes too many levels of approval and restrictions on from which machines I can connect etc)

    Now all I want to understand is why it worked so well for two days and stopped one way but continues to work the other way just fine? Did my IT shut some port required for connecting to work machine? Whatever they shut should be something that VPN does not use or outgoing BTMM does not use. Is there a way to check it from my office machine? :(:mad:

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