Short review of the 2016 rMB m5 for an average user.

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Eggtastic, Dec 5, 2016.

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    Jun 9, 2009
    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to give a quick review of my new (sort of) m5 2016 rMB. I hope this helps anyone on the fence of buying one.

    I went through and got a 2016 rMB m5 512ssd for $1300ish after tax. I justified getting m5 it based off several people recommending jumping to the m5 for performance and space on the laptop. However I was not prepared to spend $1600+ on a new laptop that lacks a few things. So I decided to go with this best buy open box model because it was graded as "certified-excellent". According to their website there would be zero blemishes on the laptop (being OCD, this was important). In the end i saved about $300 which was worth it to me as I will need to buy a dongle and maybe a sleeve for it for travel.

    I received the laptop and of course the charging cable was damaged and couldn't charge the rMB. I already had a bad feeling about this, but went to best buy and they made it right with a new cable. I took it home, charged it up, and started to use it.

    My uses are very minimal (internet, microsoft word, iPhoto, apps,) so I could have even gone with the m3, but I usually keep laptops on average 5-6 years so figured I would include more power and extra space. Also, I own a DSLR and may try to advance my photography so I will need the extra boost and space. So far, this thing is leaps and bounds better than my 2011 11" MBA.

    - Retina screen is a world of difference.
    - The extra inch of screen real estate is welcoming.
    - Speed for loading apps improved.
    - Battery life: more than doubled for me (coming from a 5 year old machine, that has 500+ charge cycles it is expected).
    - Keyboard: I love it, but it takes getting used to. It is louder, but the keys are bigger, more well-lit backlit wise.
    - Size: Almost same foot print of the 11" air, but more screen, more keyboard, more trackpad packed into it which is great.

    - USB-C charging cable: I greatly miss the magsafe. I know there is a kick starter for one coming out so when something legit arrives I will get one.
    - One port: Everyone gripes about this. I will need to buy a dongle, but I don't need multiple ports right now.
    - 480p Facetime Camera: Sucks, but I don't FaceTime ever so no worries (still at this price it should be better).

    I was ready to buy when the education discount arrived in the summer, but saw the rumors for the rMBP and held out for one. When they arrived, I was pissed about the insane price tag for a base 13" TB rMBP. I waited until stores carried them to try it out. As cool as they were, I didn't see myself using it as much and couldn't justify the price.

    So I went with this, and love it. Again, I am coming from a 2011 11" MBA, my uses are minimal, my only other apple device is an iPhone 6+. So both of these are great together.

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    Jan 4, 2009
    San Antonio, Texas
    I came from a 15" MBP (2011) I don't mind the smaller screen of the 12 as it is much clearer and the SSD over the slow HD in the MBP greatly helps the speed. I felt same way you did about MBP line ... meh. I have Watch, iPad and iPhone, I don't even plug in my iPhone, just use airdrop or sync to iTunes though WiFi. I did purchase a dongle and used it once.

    I use rsync to backup to my External drive connected to AirportExtreme so don't even have to worry about a port for that.

    If I could just get the Stupid AirPods they waved in front of our face, I'd barley use any wires at all. The future is here ... ;-)
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    May 2, 2010
    I'm an EVP for a Fortune 500 company and the RMB is my travel laptop, I leave the workhorse in the office. It packs all the punch necessary to do the things that busy executives do in a hotel room, in a board room, on an international flight and it does it with a form factor so lightweight that I sometimes have to peek into my backpack just to make sure it's in there.

    While the RMB may be a compromise as a daily driver, it is a world-class performer on a situational basis, a luxury item for those who can afford a desk-bound notebook and a personal travel notebook for the 30 days a year it is necessary.

  4. 827538 macrumors 65816

    Jul 3, 2013
    I got the new m3 version in Space Grey and my girlfriend got the m5 version in Rose Gold. Used them both and couldn't feel any difference but I use mine for web browsing, word, photos, music and movies. It's absolutely perfect and a great little machine with a surprising amount of performance.

    I went on my girlfriend's m5 while she was doing her dissertation and the thing was running like a champ despite having about 20 tabs open on safari, Spotify, photos and maybe 10 word documents open. That's the most abuse I've seen one take and I was still happily able to look at something on Safari.

    My only two gripes are the lack of a second USB-C as it would be so nice for charging from whichever side was most convenient and the webcam really is appalling for such an expensive laptop.

    Other than that I'm very pleased, I don't feel like I'm missing out with the new Pros. I have a gaming rig for the real stuff .
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    Mar 26, 2008
    How's your battery life?
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    Jun 9, 2009
    Just a quick update after having it for a week now:

    I did one final time machine backup and then used migration assistant to move everything over to my new rMB (from the MBA). I used a nonda usb-c to usb mini adapter (from amazon for $11) to make it all happen. It took maybe 40 minutes to transfer 88 gb of stuff over. I turned the screen brightness down to 0 and let it do its work. Took about 15% battery life away. I spent tonight reorganizing, deleting old files / apps, and going over photos. I also got a free microsoft office 2016 suite from my school district I work for so downloaded that tonight and deleted the 2011 version I had for my mba.

    I plan on getting a more premium adapter, but feel there isn't anything out like that yet except the apple version. I would rather wait for something a bit cheaper but offers more. Hootoo seems to offer the best but again I can wait as I don't need multiple ports at the moment.

    I love this machine. It handles my needs very well. The more I think about it, I could have went the m3 route, but saw this open box and basically got an m5 for the m3 price with 9 battery cycles. I am still getting used to the keyboard but I love the look and shallow key travel (seems more premium for some reason).

    As for the battery I have been getting great battery life but don't have exact numbers. I downloaded coconut battery and will report back. It is definitely a world of difference compared to my old 2011 11" air. I however love this damn retina screen so much I usually have the brightness around 75% or better so that doesn't help the battery life.

    For the people who took the time to comment on here, thanks for replying to my thread. Also thanks for your input to macrumors as I used your experiences to make my decision to go with the rMB over the new rMBPwTB. I saved a lot and realized I don't need the power and gimmick of the TB (it is damn cool though).

    and now, back to prepping the old MBA for sale (hopefully I get a buyer asap with the holidays approaching).
  7. 827538 macrumors 65816

    Jul 3, 2013
    Pretty good, I charge it at night and use it at uni all day and in the evening to watch movies and browse the web. I'll be taking it on a 13 hour journey to the states so I'll see home much battery life I can eek out of it while watching movies on the plane.
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    I've no doubt the m5 is the faster chip but I have to say after using my girlfriend's m5 (she went for it as she needed the 512GB SSD) I can't feel any difference. They are both quick little chips that sip power.
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    Totally agree, I can't wait for the Airpods!

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