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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by MR Bulk, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. MR Bulk, Feb 18, 2013
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    Jan 25, 2013
    Received the Vaultskin Lexx all-in-one case for my iPhone 5. Should be "cases" but more on that later on down.

    It has turned out to be everything I need, I wanted a case that carries the phone in an orientation that can be used without “doing” anything (flipping it open, unsnapping a cover, etc.) and this one holds the phone’s screen facing outward so I can talk, text, surf, etc. The section behind the phone houses two separate compartments for wallet items like credit cards and cash.

    The reason this case is advertised as holding up to eight (8) cards is because the outer slot takes two cards, while the inner chamber holds up to six (6) more. The six-card inner capacity is made possible, without the total bulk of the phone and case becoming too thick (fully loaded it comes to about twice the thickness of the iP5 itself along the bottom edge of the case, with the sides tapering up to the top of the case to become about as thin as the phone itself, plus maybe another eighth of an inch due to the magnetic snap) because of an ingenious design using "mechanical advantage" that places a magnet at the uppermost tapered tip of the leather card chamber's flap. It pinches this end closed only up at this point, just enough to prevent the cards from sliding around or falling out, while the rest of the rectangular compartment is comprised of two narrow “bikini” like straps at the edges of the bottom and along one side, while the other side edge is enclosed in full length leather. The cards are "caged" in a two-sided leather bikini and pinched only at the top - brilliant!

    The phone itself is securely held in a minimal snap-on plastic case attached to the back (or front, if referencing the phone screen) of the card compartment. The snap-on section has cutouts for direct access to all the buttons, plugs, mic, speaker and charger port.

    The snap-on plastic case is quite narrow along both its sides, so that no front lip protrudes above the phone screen and there is thus no face-down phone screen protection, so when I put the phone down I lay it on the card compartment on the back, with screen facing up.

    The outer slot for two cards seems tight at first until I pushed two credit cards in and waited an hour, after which it eased out a bit and now holds the two cards snugly while enabling them to be pulled out quite easily when one is needed. The miracle of real leather.

    When unboxing, the case immediately spewed out the intoxicating aroma of genuine old-school leather, reminding me exactly of that new car leather seat smell that I experienced once (that car is now old…).

    With the case snapped in, the whole thing stands up quite stably on three sides, for upright 90-degree viewing of videos, Facetime, etc.

    I no longer carry a separate wallet because I've only used a maximum of five cards at any time, leaving enough room in the inner compartment for up to eight or so bills of money. That's $800 - or $8 - depending what kind of bills you are able to stick in there...which depends on how long or how recently payday was, I guess.

    Anyway about these cases, I received Two (2) of them, one black and one brown, yet I only had to pay for One because I used a 50% discount code, plus they threw in free shipping all the way to Las Vegas from the UK(!) if you did order two or more.

    Here is the company's video of the case being loaded up with cards and stuff so you get an idea of how it works and the strength of the magnet:

    The 50% discount is here, although I am not certain whether there is an expiration date yet:

    Here is where I talked about first ordering them:

    Again the case(s) is/are everything I expected them to be, both in utility and craftsmanship. Good luck!

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    Thanks for the review! It does look very promising and I think I will be getting one to try it out too. From your daily usage, do you think the magnetic closure is strong enough to hold the cards securely if there are less than 6 cards?

    P.S. I also like your solution to combine a money clip with the Keeper case that you mentioned in another post. But this case seem slimmer and more all-in-one.
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    The Arctic Case/Wallet/Stand is quite similar to this. If you are looking into a wallet case, they need to be considered! Esp at only $25!
  4. MR Bulk, Feb 23, 2013
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    Actually the less cards, the more securely the magnet holds.

    In fact I like this Vaultskin so much I am now considering selling every other case I have, all of them are like new still in their boxes. Someone can have them all for HALF PRICE -- but they must take ALL of them. :cool:


    I looked at the Arctic. If I could get away with carrying two cards or so, I might consider it, has a cool form factor. But I need five cards all the time - plus some cash always too...

    With the discount code I paid less than $46 for two Vaultskins including shipping, so I got away with paying <$23 each. :rolleyes:
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    Apr 5, 2011
  6. MR Bulk thread starter macrumors regular

    Jan 25, 2013
    Well, it doesn't really open to where you can lay it flat to take a picture. You sort of pull it open maybe 30-45° and it springs back shut after you slide in your cards and cash from the side and let go of the wallet flap. If you watch their video on their website (or I think it's even on YouTube) you'll see what I mean.

    Good luck.
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