Short Video Doc. I made for Production Competition

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by note235, Mar 14, 2014.

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    Are you looking for feedback?

    If not, ignore what I have written below.

    Overall it's a nice piece with good imagery. What camera did you shoot on as it gives you a really nice image.

    I think the music doesn't match the tone and mood of the film and tries to make it more cinematic and emotive than the story actually is.

    There is one shot with warp stabiliser that I think is a little obvious. Also, when talking to the man you seem to have knocked the camera a little.

    The ending is too abrupt. Definitely with the quick fade out of the music.
  3. note235, Mar 15, 2014
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    No I agree about the ending---the time limit is 5 minutes and I didn't have time to film a better ending
    agreed about the warp--turned it in 24 hours before its due because sony retweeted the incorrect due date (and informed me 1 hour before of the correct one) which is my fault.

    There parts I'm unhappy with is the discrepancy between the color temperatures between the scenes

    There are parts of the story that is not included hence why I chose the song, but I do believe it does fit.
    BMCC and BMPCC
    The first segment was shot 1 year ago

    I greatly appreciate taking the time to watch it fully AND commenting, thank you!
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    Considering what you shot it on it shouldn’t be too hard to correct the colour balance.

    I don’t see it as a huge issue. WB seems off but I thought it was more an aesthetic than something that hadn’t been corrected.

    I think it’s a visually good piece but considering it’s a production competition I think your story will let you down as it doesn’t have a solid story and no real ending. It’s more a descriptive piece rather than a documentary that asks a few more questions.
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    Yep I'm actually correcting some scenes now and am planning to shoot some more in the next few weeks. There are points I agree with, specifically with the ending.

    I disagree, I think that I definitely could and will go more on depth, it strikes a balance between the two criteria it's judged on: the technicality and the creative. But I like your criticism, it shows me that you've put thought into the piece, i liks that.

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