Shortcut for green maximize / expand button?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by DazedNConfusedX, Feb 21, 2005.

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    Jul 18, 2004
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    Hi - I'm using a Logitech Cordless Optical Trackball with my Mac. I'd like to assign a shortcut keystroke to one of the buttons that is equiivalent to clicking on a Mac OSX's window's green button (maximize/expand to fit screen). I try to stay up on all the key shortcuts to navigating through ones system and windows, etc., but I have yet to see a keyboard keystroke (combo) that serves as a shortcut to clicking that green button.

    It's kind of a bitch to click on it with the trackball, as the trackball's movement precision isn't that good for small moves around the display screen (moving it less than 1/2 an inch, for example). I've already tried to configure the trackball to track well both my fast accelerated moves as well as the smaller more precise moves - but it can't do both equally well.

    I hope someone has an answer! If there is no solution, then this is another one of those nagging user interface things that friggin' irks me about OSX. I still like it better than Winblows, but still... :)
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    Jul 18, 2004
    East/South Bay Area, CA - USA
    I found one solution...

    I got around to finding one way to "solve" my problem.

    - Go to System Preferences -> Keyboard & Mouse -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> Application Keyboard Shortcuts.

    - Click the + button.

    - In Menu Title, type Zoom.

    - In Keyboard Shortcut, enter some key or key combo that it'll accept.

    - Finalize your change by pushing all the buttons you need to exit finish up the process

    - For you mouse/pointing device, if it has programmable buttons/gears/levers, you can configure one of them to be equivalent to pushing that keyboard shortcut key/key-combo. Then, your active window should "zoom" (size to fit) the contents after a click or two - at least it will do it somewhat, if not perfectly.

    That was a frustrating ordeal but kind of fun to figure it out - not that it was some big secret. :) I hope the shortucts "stick" w/ my pointing device and keyboard, instead of acting inconsistently - as it sometime seems to do. I think there's some sort of peripheral-configuration/Firefox clash that is resulting in some inconsistent behavior. Sigh - another thing to work on... : :eek:

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