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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by 124151155, Jan 9, 2008.

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    Jan 9, 2008
    Hey everybody. I just got a new iMac, switching from windows with a little bit of mac knowledge (I seem to know more about macs than the people at the apple store I bought from)

    Anyway, recently while surfing on the webs of the inter, I found, probably through stumbleupon a nice piece of software for mac os where you press a button and a big menu pops up with all the keyboard shortcuts available to that application. Now, I was using windows at the time so I didn't think to bookmark it. Now I can't find that app on google, google history, or anything.
    I was kinda hoping you guys would know the app =] Thanks, Southernboy!

    Upon that I have a few other questions I wouldn't mind being answered...
    In firefox, some text, in particular, small or regular sized italics text (as found on wikipedia) is displayed in an ugly raster font. Is there a way around this?

    In windoze when in any kind of text entry you can use the end/home buttons to skip to the beginning/end of the entry, respectively. I usually use shift+home to select all (just what I prefer). Is this possible in Mac OS?

    Is it possible to have my desktop icons left-aligned? Thanks, Mitthrawnuruodo!

    Can I rename a network drive? It's possible in windows (Once a network drive is mapped you can just rename it as usual) - however I haven't found an immediately obvious way in Mac OS. EDIT: Can I also make network locations connect on startup?

    Finder lacks a lot of nerdy features (Show file extensions, show hidden folders, blah blah blah). On my old iMac G3 I found a file explorer that lets you do that. What software such as this is available? Are there plug-ins for Finder that add these features or just additional software? Thanks, Mitthrawnuruodo! (Can Tinkertool do everything the standalone app I used can? Or are some things genuinely terminal-only?)

    What is the easiest (Free, preferably) way to burn DVDs, make/burn disc images, etc. in Mac OS? I am completely new to this (I can't do it in windoze either). I have tried by launching Disk Utility, making a disc image and then burning that image. It's burning right now so I'm yet to find out if it works. EDIT: It worked fine however the DVD was home made and hence had no protection Thanks, Mitthrawnuruodo and Southernboy!

    VSTs. Do they work in GarageBand? What can you tell me about Mac VSTs (As windoze ones are .dll files which I doubt a mac would be happy with)? Are most VSTs also available for Mac OS too?

    Are the only iCal-Google Calender syncing options Spanning Sync and GcalDaemon?

    Whenever using vista in fusion I cannot use the isight camera even after activating it though the menu/settings. After I have tried this, and turned off the virtual machine the isight no longer works in Mac OS either, until I restart.

    Is it possible to use those prettier firefox widget thingoes in other mozilla based apps? (Such as Celtx)

    And last of all, Anybody here know the likely release month of Unsanity products and Firefox 3? (I haven't been too impressed with Firefox 2 on Mac OS so far.) Thanks, Mitthrawnuruodo!

    EDIT: I've done a quick google search and haven't been able to find an answer. Can I change the icon for a stack, and have it stay as that icon (Without other icons behind it?) Or is that only possible with HierarchicalDock, in the old style dock menus?

    Okay, that should be all. Sorry for asking so much, I don't mind if not everything is answered.

    Thanks guys, I've always loved your site. Your buying guide is a life saver. (I've just never used your forums!!)
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    Mar 10, 2004
    Bergen, Norway
    To get the ones I can make some sort of answer to:
    No. Not unless you manually put them there. New ones will always appear on the (first free place starting top) right.

    File extentions:
    Picture 1.jpg

    For other tweaks and hidden preferences, you may use different Terminal commands or just download and run Tinkertool.

    File -> New Burn Folder

    Picture 2.jpg

    Fill it up and burn the disk. Quite easy and totally free.

    Music disk are burnt from within iTunes. Photo disks from iPhoto. Etc, etc.

    Also, check out Toast. It's not free but it is the de facto burning tool standard on Macs.

    Just get the FF3 beta, it's just as stable as FF2, IMO. Or try Camino, a cousin of FF. Or - while waiting for the final FF3, the dying Netscape Navigator 9, a skinned special version of FF2.
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    Aug 27, 2004
    Hi Tim and welcome!

    A lot of questions to answer. First off, you're looking for KeyCue.

    Firefox on the Mac is a bit slow imho. Give Safari a try if you can.
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    Jan 9, 2008
    Thanks for the replies, guys. =] I appreciate it.
    So does anybody know about the other questions?
    - Font Smoothing for small fonts (It doesn't go below 4 in TinkerTool!!)
    - Use of Home/End buttons in text entry
    - Renaming network drives and auto connectign on start-up
    - VSTs in Mac OS and GarageBand
    - iCal to Google Syncing
    - iSight in Fusion
    - Nice buttons in Celtx
    - Stack icons

    EDIT: Also, is it possible to make the two side buttons on the mouse to do different things?

    Thanks in advance.

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