Shorted headphone jack?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by 128keaton, May 4, 2014.

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    In preparation for Maker Faire, I've been making a robot controlled by Audio signals from an iPhone/iPod headphone jack. Easy, right? Well, I accidentally switched my GND and my Audio Input pins. IDK how, but it started 'looping' the audio signal and playing it thru my iPhone's speaker. Now the bottom area smells funky, my audio sounds like crap and cuts out if it is above half volume. Pretty crappy time. Gotta wait till fall to get a new one, ****. In the mean time, any suggestions? It happened once and I rotated the jack around for a bit and it sounded fine. After that, I made sure the pins were fine, changed the tip, and moved on. Broke again :p. I've tried new headphones.

    EDIT: WTF I tried a different AUX cable and it works fine. I think my 3rd ring is screwed up. If I don't plug my head phones in all the way they sound normal stereo. And my remote doesn't work no mo.
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    It certainly sounds like you shorted something - not much you can do about it, given the integrated nature of the headphone jack

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