Should any one take a look at this app? spoof app.

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by liangsai, Sep 16, 2009.

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    FreeDog says:

    FreeDog says:

    As we all know by now there are about a hundred apps being sold in the store that are all about pressing a button and listening to different fart sounds. 99% of them are totally stupid and have nothing going for them
    as far as any kind of gameplay purpose. Now Did you fart? is introduced to the store, and unlike all those other lame fart apps, this one actually is a game and has purpose.

    You play as either a guy or a woman (your choice) who both have obviously had a little too many burritos for lunch. They are standing on the side of the street a few feet away from eachother watching the cars go by. Whichever one you choose to play as does not want the other one to know they have a problem, that problem being they have more gas than a public outhouse within 5 miles of a Taco Bell.

    The gameplay is simple and all about timing. Each time a loud vehicle goes by you are able to fart some gas out without the person next to you hearing anything. The main point of the game is to let out enough gas within the given amount of time for each level, and advance through the levels and score points. You have to let out as much gas as you can whenever you get the chance, or the fart meter(which goes up automatically when not farting) will fill up to the point where you can no longer hold it in and uncontrollably and loudly fart ending your cover and the game. Every time you are farting without being noticed you are racking up points. At the end of the game your score will go on a high scores list/ leaderboard and you can also look at your stats from all your games played.

    Controls are simple and responsive, just wait for a noisy nearby car to go by and hold down the fart button to keep farting, let go to stop.
    The graphics in the game are really good and the movements and sounds are funny, I'm surprised so much detail went into a game that is meant to be a big joke, comedy. Sounds of the game are hilarious, several
    sound effects are used, different farts, engine noises. The corny music is odd but catchy and fitting.

    Suggestions- the difficulty of the game could use some adjusting. There should be maybe a split second warning sign/gesture from the other person next to you first before you get caught, so you have a little time to stop.

    Usually I hate these fart apps but this one is funny and well put together, and most importantly it actually feels like there is a purpose to the game. Easy and mindlessly fun to play, this game is recommended for a $1, if anything you'll at least get a pickup and play game and a few good laughs.
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    I picked this game up on a whim and it is surprisingly fun and funny. A difficult combination with most apps.
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    Thank you.

    The new version coming soon.

    You can watch the video(youtube):

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