Should Apple bifurcate the Apple Watch line?

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by Rogifan, Sep 14, 2016.

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    Nov 14, 2011
    The biggest changes to Watch came in the form of better water resistance and adding GPS. This caused the Watch to get slightly thicker and heavier. If you're not a swimmer or runner do these features really matter? I find it interesting that Apple got rid of the 'Sport' moniker when Series 2 was so heavily focused on fitness. Which got me thinking, should Apple bifurcate the Watch line? Maybe have a more fashionable Watch in different materials that is thinner and lighter for those who aren't as fitness focused? In John Gruber's review his opinion is that Apple swallowed a huge amount of pride and did a complete rethink of the Watch. I'm still not convinced that repurposing one button equates to a complete rethink. But I would rather have seen Apple go the iPod route than completely turning the Watch into a fitness device. Personally I have no real interest in Series 2. I don't swim and I'm not a runner. The brighter screen isn't enough to get me to upgrade. But if Apple had launched a sleeker device with new band options I probably would have ordered one.

    I would like to see the Watch line split - one fork all in on health and fitness and another fork more focused on fashion and attracting the casual watch/jewelry wearer. The original criticism of the device was it was trying to be too many things. I don't necessarily disagree but doing a complete 180 and turning it into a fitness device I don't think is the right approach either. Hence why I think they need to split the line. Give us something sexy with Watch Series 3 Apple.

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