should apple change my battery?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by steveca, Feb 15, 2008.

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    Hello there... I am a MBP owner and the battery life of the machine is simply not good. By this I mean that I get about an hour or maybe an hour and a quarter of light use using battery power. I generally left my laptop on the mains supply and the system profiler gives me a cycle count of 48 and full charge capacity of 1576mAh.

    Now... should I be able to obtain a replacement battery for my laptop, even if it is out of guarantee? or do I need to buy another battery to use my laptop on the road?

    What is also strange is that when I charge the MBP the light on the power adapter cord turns orange (charging) for 5 seconds and then goes green for another 5 seconds and then back again. this takes charging time impressively high... what is wrong? any help is appreciated. thanks
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    I would suggest resetting the PMU on the computer followed by conditioning the battery (running the computer on battery, until it goes to sleep, then charging continously for 12 hours). If you continue to have this poor battery life, then contact Apple.

    Check the Apple Support page on your MBP for details on how to reset the PMU.

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    I have similar situation, called applecare, the rep told me 1hr and 30 minutes battery life after 18 months (73 cycle) is acceptable. and no exchange was offered.

    You might have better luck bring it to an apple store.

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