Should I backup my apps & music?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by irDigital0l, Mar 3, 2012.

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    So long story short I installed Windows 8 and now I want to change it back to Windows 7. Reinstallation is the easy part mainly because I've been planning to clean my PC up, but now I actually have the chance.

    The hard part now is what to backup. Should I backup my iOS apps? I have about 400 or so and it could take a long time. Is there anyway to get my apps back if I don't back them up into a separate harddrive?

    I know on my iPhone/iPad if you bought an app you can just reinstall it for free, does this work on iTunes for PC too? Also does the app's data save or not?

    Same with music, should I back it up or just reinstall them? Which is faster?

    I heard some who save all their apps and stuff onto their iPhones and then sync it and get everything back, but Im not sure if that works.

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    You can re-download any apps you have purchased. You won't be charged for them again.

    Music if you bought it from iTunes you can also re-download it or if you have iTunes match you can redownload.

    Otherwise backup your music. I usually backup apps as well just to save time.
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