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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by titans1127, Sep 12, 2014.

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    Gonna try to make this as short as possible

    Was looking to order a 6+ at 3am last night through Apple. AT&T full price(no 2-year upgrade available). Around 3:10 I was able to get through on the AT&T website. Didn't want to order through them but wanted to get to the last possible step just in case. Turns out when you input your CC and shipping info and hit next that submits an order. No final check to see if all your info is correct. Thats fine.

    Finally after plenty of refreshing the Apple Store app at 3:47 I was able to order with Apple for the phone I want with 9/19 delivery as well. Tried for an extra 45 minutes to order for a friend who has verizon to no avail but I did get one of those "reserve" deals at some point.

    Woke up this morning with a confirmation email from AT&T and Apple and a $1 hold from AT&T and a $0 hold from Apple on my debit card. Also had an email to complete the reserve order for my friend which I was successfully able to do also with 9/19 delivery through Apple. $0 hold on the same debit card as well.

    I call up AT&T to cancel the order I placed through them. Rep told me I can do it myself online. Tried to but it would just loop me back to the beginning. Rep tried to but had no luck due to system overload and that the order was "pending confirmation". She told me I should receive an email to accept the terms and conditions and as long as I don't accept them that will cancel the order anyway. Fine by me. I figured I would check my back account while I still had her on the phone and I now see that my friends order which took place 7 hours after mine had the entire amount pulled from my checking account while my order had just the $0 hold. I asked the AT&T rep if my 2 orders I placed for myself would cause any conflict. She stated no since the device was being purchased at full price with no commitment that there would be no conflict but I could try calling Apple just to be sure. I thanked her for her help and went on my way.

    After 1 disconnect calling Apple I got through to someone who after explaining my issue transferred me to order support. After 30 min on hold I gave up and will probably have to wait till Monday to speak to someone without a crazy wait.

    Right now both my friends order and my own through Apple show the same "Processing Items: Delivers 9/19 with standard shipping" and has the entire time. I haven't received any emails stating any problems so I can only assume there are none. So my question is, should I be concerned that my order, placed 7 hours before my friends , hasn't had the money taken out of my account yet? I can only assume all is well right now but I don't want anything screwing up being able to get my phone on launch day.

    Sorry for the long winded story :)
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    So basically you ordered your phone(s) from Apple and ATT and you're now concerned about the orders because you didn't wait for apple to confirm the order?

    Are you looking to cancel one order? Or have questions regarding your subsidy?
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    I'm trying to cancel the order through AT&T but they can't right now due to all the congestion. I'm only 1 year into my 2 year contract so no subsidy available yet which is why I bought at full retail price.

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