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Should I BUY a 2007 Macbook for $100?


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Jul 26, 2012
A guy I know was telling me that he just finally bought a new MBP. He was happy to upgrade to the new technology from his old 2007 Macbook. My gf has wanted a Macbook for a long time for school. Is it worth it for only $100 to buy the Macbook from the guy? He said the backlight is messed up. Here is his text:

I'll do 100 shipped and thats a good price. I looked and broken ones with completely cracked screens go for up to 200

On mine it's the backlight that is messed up. It's fully functioning other than the light

here is what you need to fix it

Is this worth it for $100? If my girlfriend doesnt like it I might be able to re-sell it for profit or break even?


Dec 31, 2011
Is this worth it for $100?

In my opinion yes, it is still an excellent laptop,especially at $100. Get it fixed and use an iFixIt tutorial for guidance. If you can't fix it, just sell it- you'll probably get your $100 back but if you do fix it, you've got a very good laptop for a very good price. Either that or sell it for a profit :D


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Jul 3, 2011
It's a cracker with a smoked screen...

a minimum of $150 to fix a notebook that maxes at Snow, and was never really quick..for 250-350 I'd be inclined toward a 15" PowerBook..That doesn't crack every year on principal.


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Aug 5, 2010

Because by the time you get it to working order, you're dropping as much as a newer model. Right now you know it needs a new display. It may also require other things. It's old. If the logic board or something on it dies, it could still set you back a couple hundred right there. Computers are very bad fixer projects unless you absolutely know how to source cheap parts. Even then it's much much slower than what you can buy today. You clearly don't even know enough about this model to assess it. If it was worth more, he would likely ask more for it.

Also just noted listing removed.
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