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Sep 2, 2015
I’ll make this short guys. I would like to buy a MacBook Pro 16” or 13” before they switch to Apple ARM CPUs. Due to running Windows Bootcamp and Gaming and Thunderbolt 3 eGPU setups. But 2 things are holding me back.

#1. No WiFI 6 it’s much needed you guys are technical and knowledgeable on why.
#2. No The Bezels ok the 16” is less bad but the Bezels on the 13” MBP are horrendous.
#3. Not a deal breaker but in 2020 we can get 4K OLED HDR Panels, or 144hz GSYNC displays Or 10-bit IPS displays
there’s even a Laptop already with a MiniLED Display link below. With all that on the table 8-bit Macbook Pro Displays capped at 60Hz are looking like really poor display choices.

any chance we will get a MacBook Pro refresh in 2020 ?


Nov 8, 2007
That‘s 3 things. Plus it sounds like none of the current MacBooks work for you so don’t buy one.

Only Apple knows if a refresh is coming but any Intel MacBook refresh likely won’t address anything on your list.


May 6, 2016
San Diego, CA
What logical reasons would Apple have to refresh the 13" MBP before the end of the year when the latest has only been out four months, especially when taking into account their transition roadmap? Bite the bullet now or wait and see and just be further disappointed, as would sound like the case based on your posts. When the Apple Silicon MBPs are out, at least you could likely still buy the 2020 Intel ones on their refurbished site, if you would be okay with having 802.11ac and a non mini LED display like some plebe, of course.

Apple will release mini LED notebooks when they can be manufactured to their specifications and at the volume and cost and performance that they want. What does being first with a mini LED notebook get you? A 17" behemoth that gives you one hour of battery per pound of weight? Was that the only way MSI could have achieved "decent" battery life, by putting it in their largest machine?


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Mar 16, 2011
1. Never needed wifi 6, today's wifi is pretty awesome compared to 10 years ago.
2. When using my 16 I don't notice them, and the same with the 13 I previously had. The only time I see them, is when the device is just sitting there looking pretty, to base an IT solution on aesthetics is disturbing. Go have a dig around and see what Windows based PC's look like! In the words of SJ 'Yuck'.
3. Never heard anyone say that Mac displays are poor quality, and combined with the offerings when going external, there is a lot of quality out there.
4. And one more thing...


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Nov 28, 2016
Don't buy. The general expectations (and also the buyer's guide) indicate that there will be an updated version very soon (maybe on the not-so-secret stream on the 10th of September) with possibly WiFi 6 and some other updates.
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