Should I buy a MacBook?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by JeannieJ, Feb 22, 2010.

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    My Dell laptop PC is over 5 years old and I'm thinking about investing in a MacBook, as I've been told they are easier to use. I mainly use my pc for email, creating documents for home use (I'm 71 and retired) and storing/editing digital photos and videos. My Dell has a 15" screen, but has to be tilted for viewing clarity. What kind of Mac screen can be viewed best without distortion and reflection? Can any screens be viewed clearly out of doors in bright sunlight? Do they all come with photo editing programs or are those separately purchased? Do I need a Mac or a MacPro for creating documents, calendars, newsletters and handling a lot of photos? Opinions on any of these questions will be appreciated. Also, I don't understand what new program everyone is waiting for in March. Thanks! :)
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    Yes, a MacBook would probably be fine for your needs
    And your Mac would come with iPhoto and iMovie already installed

    I am not sure what new program you are referring to, but most are waiting for the MacBook Pro to be updated (Arrandale)
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    All Macs come with the iLife suite which does include a photo program.
    However, all MacBooks and MacBook Pros come with glossy screens, it is not until you order the 15" or 17" MacBook Pro that you get an option to have a matte screen.

    I find the glossy of the MacBook Pros to be too glossy at times. The glossy on the MacBook Air is nice because it doesn't have that second layer of glass to make it real glossy looking.

    You can use them all outside but with anything glossy glare could be an issue.

    As for March, people are thinking that there is an update due for the MacBook Pro line. Check out the buyer's guide for more info.
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    every apple device (apart from iPods and phones) has the ilife suite on it so you should be good there... I think a macbook would be great for you, but people reckon in march that there will be new devices so if you can wait, then do [​IMG]
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    I would head to a apple store and see how you like the screen. However you will be going from spending 1000 or so for the macbook with a glossy 13" screen to 2000 for a non glossy 15" screen.

    13" would be fine, unless you want a bigger screen.
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    Yes, if you can, definitely go to an Apple Store, or a Best Buy, and take a good look at the screen. The 2" difference will be offset by the fact that the MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro have a really sharp, clear screen, and you'll be amazed how much more defined images will appear, compared to a five year old screen. But, you want to make absolutely sure that the screen size and glossy appearance are right for you. You will love having a Mac, and from what you've described your uses are going to be, you'll be fine with either the MB, MBA, or MBP, so your choice depends on aesthetics and price. Enjoy.
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    Make the jump!

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  8. JeannieJ thread starter Guest

    Should I buy a MacBook?

    Thanks for all your advice and help. Now, I'm wondering how I would transfer all my documents to a Mac. All my stuff has been written on Word Perfect and someone told me it's nearly impossible to get Word Perfect transferred into Mac documents. Has anyone had success doing this?:confused:
  9. old-wiz macrumors G3

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    There are conversion programs that will convert WordPerfect to Mac. Try google "word perfect for mac". One such is:

    I fondly remember wordperfect from my DOS days back when I had an 8086 computer.
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    A MacBook sounds like it would be ideal. Microcenter has them on sale for $799 right now. Unfortunately the deal is only good in-store, not online.

    There are MacBook Pro updates due in the next few weeks, but not likely for the MacBook. A MacBook Pro would probably be overkill and a waste of $ for your needs. However, you should "play" with one to make sure you like the 13" size. Personally it's become my favorite. 15"ers almost seem too big now.
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    I fixed it for you.;)
  12. frazzled1 macrumors newbie

    Feb 22, 2010
    I'm also new to the forum and I know you probably keep getting questions like this over and over, but I would very much appreciate your insight:

    I'm debating whether to buy a Dell laptop or a MacBook Pro 13". I went through a similar Blackberry/iPhone decision process last year, got the iPhone and LOVE it, so I'm inclined to get a MacBook Pro but I'm wondering if the extra $400 or so for the MacBook Pro is worth it for me. I'll mainly be using the computer for web browsing, e-mail, and remote access to my pc desktop at work. I think remote access via a pc is easier but several folks in the office remote in from their macs and have no problem. I do keep photos and music on the computer and would like to sync calendar and contacts with my iPhone.

    Also, I'm wondering about memory - is 2GB enough for the average casual nontech, nongamer user? Thanks!

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