Should I buy a new iMac or ye olde Mac Pro?


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Aug 8, 2007
So I had my heart set on a Mac Pro until the new iMac comes out with similar specs to what I was looking at for seemingly less money (esp since it includes the monitorr).

I do a lot of print design work in Photoshop where my file sizes sometimes get up to 1GB or more in size (posters tend to get this large) I want something that can do the job. I know there are differences between the imac processors and the Mac Pro's Xeons...but not sure if the improvement is worth the price difference. Any advice I could get would be great. Thanks!


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Jan 13, 2003
Sounds like you do professional work, the new iMacs have glossy screens. I think for pro work in photo editing you need a matte screen. If you get an iMac you'd probably need a separate monitor. Get a Mac Pro if possible.