Should I buy an extra Powerbook battery?


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Oct 28, 2003
I was searching for months at Apple Stores for a refurbished powerbrick for my 17" Powerbook, hoping such an animal even existed. One day I stumbled upon a firesale and lo and behold... a refreshed powerbook powerbrick for $29.99! Marked down from $79.99!

Aside from that, many suggest to get a spare battery. Now that I have a 2nd powerbrick in my backpack, would a spare battery be necessary? Also, if I do get a spare battery, would it eventually lose its longevity just sitting in my backpack if I barely use it? Opinions would be great.


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Apr 29, 2004
University Place
I would definitly recommend a new battery, especially if you plan on doing any traveling on airplanes. I find mine to be more than worth the money.
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