iPad Should I buy an iPad 3 now so I can JB?


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May 25, 2010
Just wondering if I should get one now? My birthday is in July and I think I'll end up getting one from my parents...but if it's jailbreakable now, would it make sense to buy it immediately so I can make sure I can JB it?


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May 17, 2011
well, id imagine ios6 wont be released until the new iphone comes out prolly in october...so id say any time before then you should be fine jailbreaking...assuming they dont do an incremental upgrade to 5.1.2...


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Mar 14, 2011
If it is important to you to have a Jailbroken device, then you know that the device available today can be jailbroken! The device might or might not be jail breakable tomorrow. Look at the iPad2 there where demos of a jailbroken iPad2 released almost at once, but the actual jailbreak took months to happen.

I hear that it is possible we will see IOS6 before the next iPhone, we know that Apple chooses to play a cat and mouse game. No one has their hands on an IOS 6 version today, the versions that exist are all betas, and the only thing we know is they will change before the final release...
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Oct 19, 2010
It was clearly stated that iOS 6 will be released next season.

Now should you buy an iPad 3 now? Sure why not, go and Jailbreak it. Because once iOS 6 is officially released there may not be a untethered Jailbreak out for it straight away! :)


May 3, 2011
When they do that they come out with a new jailbreak in a few days to a week.
not necessarily. if ios6 is only several months away, the JB team may not expend the effort to devise another ios 5.x.y JB, assuming that apple closes the 5.1.1 exploit.

if past history is any indication, afterr the JB for 4.3.3 was released, they did not JB 4.3.4 & 4.3.5 ...people had to wait until 5.01 for the next jailbreak.

if the OP wants a jailbreakable ipad, buy it now.
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