Should i buy or should i wait?

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    Jun 18, 2012
    Hello people, new guy here. I am interested in buying a macbook. This would be my first apple computer and i'm in need of a laptop. I do coding and sys/net-administration. I cannot afford buying the 15" MBPr. I wish to have portability along with Pro specs and i would prefer if it had upgradability. I think that the best match for my needs is the 13" MBP but it has low resolution(1280x800) even lower than the equivelant 13" MBA(1440x900). Also in recent rumors the MBP 13" will propably be upgraded with the retina display in October. So my question is, should i go for the current 13" MBP or should i wait? Will the current 13" MBA do the job for me instead?
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    If you can wait until the fall then that might be the best option.

    since the retina MBP is not on your list for budgetary reasons we can cross that off. That leaves the
    15" MBP
    13" MBP
    13" MBA

    You don't like the resolution of the 13" MBP so that goes too, so that leaves the 15" MBP (non retina) model or the MBA. If you can live without the optical drive and a slower processor (the MBA uses a ULV variant of the Ivy Bridge chipset), then the 13" MBA seems like the logical choice.

    Push comes to shove you could always sell the MBA if apple does release a 13" retina MBP.

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