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Mar 7, 2022
I’ve been wondering if I should buy a Series 7 now or wait and get the SE 2 (assuming it comes out in the fall). What do y’all think I should do, or should I do something different?

Edit: Thanks for all the feedback everyone. I’ll take what you guys said into consideration. Thanks again.
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Feb 10, 2019
I have no clue what’s coming out in the fall. If you can wait till then I would wait because there’s rumors of big improvements. If my choice today was SE versus Series 7 I would pick the S7 just because of the always on display. That is a big difference for me. I own a S6 and S4 and I miss the AOD when I’m not wearing the S6

Not sure what the SE2 will have or even if there will be one.


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Jul 18, 2010
Do you think they'd ever being ECG to the SE line? Or, do they need to leave it with the high end watch to distinguish it?

As to the original query, I agree with Russell. If you can wait, do so. OTOH, you could probably resell it in 6 months time and not suffer too great a loss, but would have enjoyed it for a half year.

Do you have a watch now? That matters, I think. If you have one, definitely wait. If not, decisions, decisions.

I'm in a similar decision-making situation, but it's a more a choice of a 7 or no watch. I'd like to get the ECG function. I'll probably spring for the 7 soon, if I can ever persuade myself it's worth the $$$!

Never had one before and I would find it a tad scary to be wearing something that costs more than my iPad!


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Sep 16, 2006
Down south
My vote is for the 7. I love the always on display - so much nicer to me than a blank black square on my wrist. I like the additional features as well, and the ECG has actually come in really handy. Even my cardiologists recommend using it.


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Mar 10, 2016
I have the SE. The 7 has AOD, faster charging, faster processor, newer sensors, larger display, ECG etc. Far more feature rich. The SE 2 will probably pick up some of those features but obviously nobody knows for sure until there is official news from Apple.

So if you're buying a keeper - get the 7.

I went with the SE because I wasn't really sure if the AW was for me. I figured I'd start with the SE and then at some point down the line if I'm happy with it I can upgrade to a future watch (SE2, 7, 8, etc).

So the 7 is a far better watch than the SE, and it can be assumed to be better than the SE2 too, but I think there are still some reasons to start with the SE/SE2.

It (SE) was the right choice for me but won't be for everyone.


Nov 8, 2017
New York
Never had one before and I would find it a tad scary to be wearing something that costs more than my iPad!

Don’t let the size fool you into thinking it should be cheaper than an oversized iPhone. The Watch does many things an iPad can’t and packs it all into a small wearable sized package. Matter of fact, it’s the evolution of smaller chips that gives us such computing power on our wrists and they don’t come cheap. Bigger does not always mean better and should be more expensive.
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