Should I chance a Windowz Install on my Macbook?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by sikkinixx, Oct 28, 2006.

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    My macbook has been in repairs 4 times, gone thru 2 logic boards etc. However, this time it seems to be working perfect. It runs super cool, normally about 30C according to Core Temp Duo, and is MUCH cooler to the touch than my grandmothers macbook even though hers is from September while I bought mine in May (although since it has a new logic board I guess it doesnt matter.

    The problem I had was that it would boot to a dark gray screen forcing me to do a PRAM reset each time. After I uninstalled windows and OS X it went away for a while but eventually it happened again forcing me to repair it for the 4th time (argh)

    ANNNNYway to get to my point, do you think there is a chance that installing Windows could screw things up again? It is running perfect, fast, cool, reliable, its the laptop I paid for indeed. But the gamer in me cries out for Windows to play some classic games but if it starts having problems again im gonna be really upset...
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    Installing Windows didn't cause any of the issues you experienced in the past, and it won't cause similar issues in the future.

    The worst thing Windows is going to do is get infected with viruses and spyware, hosing the Windows installation. Your hardware and OS X installation will be fine. There's really no "chance" to be taken when installing Windows.

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