Should I Encrypt my iCloud Backup?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by bt22, Oct 14, 2011.

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    Curious if anyone is encrypting their iCloud backups? Wondering if I should be. My router is an Airport Extreme, doesn't it encrypt any data transmissions if I am using WPA/WPA2 Personal? Is this encryption option intended for someone that does not have a computer and Wi-Fi at home? But I've only noticed this option when my iPhone is shown in devices in iTunes.
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    Encrypting during transport is different than encrypting the transported data. An encrypted backup means that even if someone broke into the server on which your backup was stored, they wouldn't be able to access any of the information contained within the file without cracking the encryption.
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    Questions remain

    The either-or Q here is whether anyone including Apple can access the data. Yes, the data on their servers is encrypted per their support doc. However Dropbox claims the same THEN mentions they will as a "rare exception" (whatever that means -- gov't inquiry or corrupt/incompetent employee?) read your data.

    Rare exception? or massive screwup as happened recently that opened everything to the public for four hours. Neither is Apple infalliable. You are not protected by the courts in this age of the Patriot Act, so forget about subpoenas and warrants. If I'm foregoing privacy I should at least be forewarned that I'm doing it.

    So, is the data protected from everyone or not? The passwords?
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    I encrypted anything I can if the option is there. I see no harm in doing so and it is an added later of protection.
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    So maybe time to revisit this -

    Is the recent celeb leak indicative that e.g.

    - Celeb iPHone does local iTunes encrypted backups occassionally, but usually does iCloud backups.
    - Hacker gets celeb account details.
    - Hacker downloads old iCloud backup (as file/onto an iPhone)
    - Hacker gets old photos, videos, messages etc?

    The data whilst stored in iCloud might be encrypted on server, and delivered/received through secure encryption - if you download an iCloud backup - the backup itself isn't encrypted?

    If the hacker did it this way, do they really have

    Documents in the Cloud
    Backup (?)
    Find My iPhone
    Find My Friends
    iCloud Keychain
    Mail and Notes

    Seems like lack of 2FA /the need for an additional password just like doing encrypted iTunes backups?

    Naked photos are just one part of it if that's the case - that's a huge intrusion of privacy. Wonder if Apple log IP for request for iCloud backup downloads?

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