Should I finance my MBP through Barclays?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by MauerFan07, Sep 26, 2015.

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    I plan on getting a new macbook whenever Apple refreshes the rMBPs, and I'm wondering if financing it would make sense. I only ask because I essentially have zero credit history, and thought it'd be a good way to start. I could pay for it in cash, so I can afford it, but as I get older a good credit history will be needed (buying a house, insurance, etc..). What do you guys think?
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    Wait until xmas & get it with the usual 0% APR offer they have in the run up & through. Last year I got a MBP & 3TB time capsule, 0% for 12mths with Paypal Credit, although you could do 24, year before I think they used Barclays, max credit is 3k I believe.
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    barclay should be offering 18 months no interest on anything over 999

    last year paypal credit was doing a lot of no payments no interest deals with apple.
    i even got a mac mini 2014 base model on no payments no interest for 6 months
    paypal had a really low spending requirement for that financing deal, it was low like 250

    best buy used to be a good place to get 18 months of no interest. best buy gives u that price match deal too on that 0% offer , i got them to knock down $200 or something off of my mbp

    i brought my super maxed out barclay card to apple to buy a iPhone 6s+ and they declined it
    and it said call center so i had to call the bank to verify it was me and it was funny because
    they thanked me for being a customer even when the card was maxed out

    it still declined on apple pay after all that so we swiped it and it worked
    ill see what my statement says next month to see if i got the deal
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    Getting a 0% interest credit card is a great way to pay for more expensive items and build credit. I've seen a lot of people on here demonized paying for things on credit but you need to have good credit to get along in life and you can't get a credit history if you never use it. Just be responsible and make at least the minimum required payments and pay it off before the free interest period expires.

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