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Jul 1, 2023
The audio IC went bad, so now I cant record audio, hear anything on calls, speaker greyed out. I tried multiple things, its the chip. I've been quoted $125-150 for the repair. I've had this phone since 2017. I replaced the battery and screen last year at a third party shop and is already at 87% and my screen is slightly cracked, though I have the Otterbox defender and screen protector, it still cracked.

I think I spent $85 for screen and $60 for battery.

Even if I were to buy a newer phone, I'd still want to repair this to have as backup, problem is now newer phones are eSIM, so I won't be able to even remove the sim card unless I buy a 13.

I went ahead and bought a 13 from Apple website, had it shipped to my house instead for store pickup, guess what, some mofo from UPS stole my phone, details said packaged open, contents removed. Apple refunded my money to my apple card. (their loss for making it obvious what's inside)

This left me with a sour taste and wondering if is divine intervention telling me to just fix my phone rather than spending $750+

What's the worst that could happen now that Apple stopped updates for iphone 7. Would apps still work? I'm not a poweruser. I only need it for social media, text, phones calls, music, etc.

I feel like is fear mongering to get you to upgrade, they try scare you that your old phones wont work anymore after apple stops support. What's the worst that could happen? Nothing, it will continue to work, apps won't stop updating, is very unlikely, even so you can return or sideload an older version app very easily.

Then I think maybe I should just buy the 14 pro and keep it again another 5 or 6 years, but is $1000 when all ill be using it for is occasional text, calls, social media, etc I can do that on a cheap android, but I dont want to go back to android.

I like the 13 pro, but is not available at Apple and overpriced on other markets, same price as 14 pro
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Mar 27, 2017
Maybe consider buying an iPhone 14 or 15 the next time you’re outside the U.S. I wouldn’t spend any money repairing the 7 given it’s condition and age.


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Aug 17, 2021
I still use my iPhone 7 plus. Don’t care for the updates not coming. I will change it when the banking apps stop working.

I am about to change the battery and charging port assembly myself.

I have been considering buying the 15 when it comes out. But not yet. I think the 7+ still has life.

I still use my iphone 5 32GB as a mp3 player and use my iphone 6S 64GB to track my journey when I go for my long walks.

I think I will upgrade when the iPhone 20 comes out lol.
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