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Sep 2, 2013
Considering I already have 6 movies and 2 Family Guy episodes (More to come), I was wondering: Should I really get an Apple TV?

It would save my mom and dad money with the Direct TV cable subscription and I already have a part time job during the weekends where I can make some cash. And yes, i'm planning on getting more media soon.

...But i keep getting in and out of interest with the Apple TV... so now I'm relying on the public lol.

Should I get an Apple TV?


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Oct 3, 2006
It would save my mom and dad money with the Direct TV cable subscription and I already have a part time job during the weekends where I can make some cash.

The TV is a poor substitute for a DirecTV replacement, it can be done but is definitely not ideal.

How will the AppleTV save money on the DirectTV subscription? Adding another media consumption box does not make the DirecTV bill lower. Using DirecTV less does not make the bill lower. The only thing that makes the bill lower is changing your channel package or canceling the service all together.

What does your part time job have to do with any of this?

Ultimately no one here can decide for you whether or not you should get an TV as that is a decision you will have to make.
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Apr 6, 2010
Do it, but after september 10 just in case. LOL.
I find that between netflix, hulu and itunes I have more than enough media than id care to watch, so for me its top notch.

Except when watching sports, nothing comes close to cable pricing on sports packages, I get most LMB, NBA, NFL, NASCAR, SOCCER, NHL games along with ESPN, ESPN 2 for $30 a month, which is way cheaper than each app´s subscription on ATV.


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Feb 27, 2010
I love my Apple TVs as they meet my exact needs. I have an extensive digital library of media I have manually converted that I stream through iTunes to the 3 Apple TV boxes I have around the house. For this purpose, it works fantastically.

The addition of the dedicated channels is also working out well for me with the HBOGo app, and even the newest DisneyXD app (yeah, I like cartoons). These require a cable/satellite service however, but they still offer me a simple way to watch these channels both in my house, and away (I'll take an Apple TV with me when I travel sometimes).

And then there's AirPlay. Such an awesome, simple feature. This is great to share photos or videos I've taken on my iPhone on the big screen. In addition, I can mirror my Apple computer display onto my TV, which comes in handy of I want to stream something from the computer that does not otherwise play through AirPlay. And in OSX Mavericks, this feature is upgraded to allow you to use the TV as a secondary display, and not just mirrored. All for $99!!!!

My real point is: if it fits your needs, then its a total steal and you should buy as many as you have TVs. For me, it does everything I was trying to do with a Mac Mini, at a fraction of the price. If you're not converting your own media, or don't have media that is supported by iTunes, then this might not be useful for you (unless some of the other uses do have value for you). And again, at $99, hard to go wrong.


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Jul 30, 2012
No, it is basically worthless without a computer/tablet/..... so you can do anything you can do with computer/tablet/..... + appleTV also without. It's just a pimped wireless HDMI cable, nothing more.


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Apr 6, 2010
Most retail outlets have 30-day return policy so if (I doubt it) Apple announces something next week, you still can return it. I say go get it and enjoy.

You are right, except outside the US, I have been living in Mexico for some time now, here it is, you buy it, you keep it, no returns unless defective. This is since apple stores are mostly present on important cities, leaving the rest to third party retailers


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Sep 3, 2013
yes, buy it. Its what my family uses primarily, we cut the cord about a year and half ago. We havent looked back, and we dont miss anything except Football. Everything is covered for us. Its not easy for all people though. I hate channel surfing.
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