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Jun 2, 2013
Im having problems of which one should i choose. Cause Im using a macbook pro and Ipad mini is easier for me to sync. But im not sure wether galaxy tab 10.1 is also very easy to sync together.


May 8, 2011
Los Angeles
if you knew Apple products are easier to sync then you will not have problem deciding which one to buy…Samsung? That is a joke. If you want a Galaxy Tab 10.1 then get a Windows laptop. :apple:


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Apr 26, 2013
I got rid of an android tablet and I replaced it with an ipad4.
Android OS is buggy and laggy. And there are a ton of more apps for iPad.


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Sep 13, 2012
I can't speak for anyone else but myself, but for me, a tablet is a means to access apps, and content, so really the iPad was a no brainer. I want access to the best apps. Plus the integration with my iPhone and iMac gave me more incentive to choose the iPad.

Plus, i'm enthralled with being able to play KOTOR on my mini while on a long flight.

Jessica Lares

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Oct 31, 2009
Near Dallas, Texas, USA
You want an unbiased answer? Go with the iPad Mini.

I've had both an Android tablet and now the Mini. There are some things that the Android tablets offer, mainly screens that are more vivid, and the audio is richer (maybe not on the Tab, but the Kindle Fire HD blows the iPads away in that department because of the Dolby Surround Sound).

However, the rest of the experience is not as great. Games are pretty much the same, but the stuff that makes the iPad good, is not something that you'll find for the tab. All the note taking apps are halfway there.


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Jan 4, 2011
Read what you put if you look carefully you have posted a post on the forum and to be honest you have answered you own question already.Another thing is you are on a apple forum every one on here going to say apple


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Aug 17, 2011
that tab has some bad reviews on it so I would stay away.

Actually the tab got better reviews then the Nexus 10. I'm in the same position but I own an android phone but still leaning towards the mini as the apps are much more polished. I can see me getting the mini and getting an iphone whenever they decide to bump up the screen to at least 4.5.


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Sep 21, 2012
The next-generation Nexus 7 is about to be released and will most likely squashed anything the iPad mini has right now. The current-generation Nexus 7 pretty much already does and at an affordable price of $199. Should consider waiting another week or so.


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Jul 4, 2007
Denver Colorado
The OP heard answers here, now he should get answers on an Android forum just to balance out.

I have a Nexus 7. Pluses are:

I can bluetooth music and pictures from my Nexus 4 to my Nexus 7 and other phones with built in software. iPad needs an app. I can also bluetooth music and pictures using my Mac, something you can't do with the iPad.

I can move files and create folders and subfolders on my Nexus 7/4 with an app and download files from the net and unzip them into folders.

I can also run flash on the Nexus 7/4 using firefox to view content on any website that still uses it and it runs smoothly.

I can disable turn off/adjust bluetooth/wifi/GPS/brightness with a desktop toggle.

There are probably other things that are possible on an Android as well that I don't use or don't know about also that an iPad can't do.

The best thing that I like that an iPad can do that an Android can't is it can use iTunes Match

Other than that, I have the same apps on my iPhone as I do my Nexus devices and they are pretty much identical in function and appearance. I don't have an iPad.


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Feb 10, 2013
1. Why are you Bent on tab 10.1 . Do you have a use for the spen?. If not, better go for nexus 10 with a far better screen and battery life and pure android.

2. If portability is your main concern, go for mini eyes closed. It is such a lightweight device that no 10 inch tab can compete with it. Plus it's the perfect size for gaming. Playing subway surfers on a 10 inch heavy tab just feels unnatural.

3. As a musician, I can see there are tons of better apps for iOS like GarageBand for iOS whereas there is nothing comparable in android. Decide what you will be using the tab for and check thoroughly if the apps u want are equallly good in iOS or android


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Feb 19, 2005
^ The app selection on Android is not terrible. There are some great apps that allow you to be productive with the tablet. However, to the OP, first you need to ask if you want a 10.1" tablet or the 7". I think you need to nail down size first.


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Apr 12, 2013
I would suggest going to a retailer that sells both and give them both a shot. I was considering a Galaxy Tab 2 (7") for my daughter but after using them both in the store there was just no comparison. I really wanted to save the $100+ on the Galaxy Tab, but it was frustrating to use and not even in the same league as the iPad Mini in terms of speed opening apps or games, web browsing smoothness, time to load a video, etc. And both were on the same wireless network and within feet of each other.

I paid more for what felt to me the better product after direct comparison.


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Apr 8, 2013
I have both the iPad mini and galaxy tab 2 10.1. Hands down the mini is the better device by far. It's slick, fast and smooth, has great apps, looks beautiful and is so easy to carry around everywhere and it just works. The galaxy tab is OK, but it has shortcomings.


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Jul 4, 2007
Denver Colorado
^ The app selection on Android is not terrible. There are some great apps that allow you to be productive with the tablet. However, to the OP, first you need to ask if you want a 10.1" tablet or the 7". I think you need to nail down size first.

That's true. I have the same apps that I have on my iPhone as I have on my Nexus4/7. There was only one app that I used on my iPhone that I could not get and that was Tweetbot. Otherwise, the apps have the same functions and look.


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Oct 24, 2008
Note 8.0! I sold my iPad Mini and picked it up. In a nutshell:
Better performance than Mini but $100 cheaper than Retina.
S-Pen is amazing and you'll find reasons to use it once you have it.
The Note 8.0 built off of criticism of the Note 10.1 by having better build quality and a hardware home button.

VS. iPad Mini:
Better resolution
Better processor
Better GPU
More memory
Expandability (SD card of 64GB will give you more space than iPad Mini's largest size which would cost $100 more after everything is said and done and you'll STILL have more space (16+64 vs just 64)).
User customizations: Customize your home screen, use widgets. This is the general Android vs. iOS debate but it's still worth considering.

VS. Note 10.1:
Better build quality.
Hardware home button.
Higher pixel density (720p is a low resolution on a 10" but on an 8"? Just right.)
Cheaper price despite having the same hardware and a faster processor.
Lighter and better portability. You can one hand it.
It's the second version. You know what they say about revisions. The 2nd is ALWAYS better. (iPhone 3G, iPad 2, MyTouch 3G all versus iPhone 1, iPad 1, Google G1)

And vs. Galaxy Tab 10.1? It's even worse:
Better build quality, better processor, better memory, better GPU, better operating system, S-Pen, better overall TouchWiz user interface, it's an overall BETTER tablet.

Get the Note 8.0 dude. You will NOT regret it.
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