Should I get my battery replaced?


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Dec 23, 2013
One of my major problems with my iPhone is the battery. On a regular day I have to charge it at least twice and sometimes even 3 times if I'm using it a lot. I normally get about 3-4 hours usage and about 7-9 hours standby.
Heres my results from iBackupBot

CycleCount: 378
Design Capacity: 1430
FullChargeCapacity: 1250
Status: Success

BatteryCurrentCapacity: 89
BatteryIsCharging: true
ExternalChargeCapable: true
ExternalConnected: true
FullyCharged: false
GasGaugeCapability: true

Is this good or bad? I feel like my battery is quit bad and was thinking of getting it replaced but I'm not sure whether it would improve etc.

Lucille Carter

Jul 3, 2013
Even a new battery will go to only the 1300 range but that would give you some additional time. Sounds like you are using your phone a lot to have to charge that often.

Are you saying that you need to charge it twice to get 3-4 hours of usage? That is not right. What are doing for those 3-4 hours.


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Dec 23, 2013
No, Sorry I mean't I take it off charge at like 8am I normally have to charge it by like 2/3pm and then again at like 9pm.


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Aug 27, 2012
Spend the money on a second tank battery case.

If phone feels warm all the time, some background tast is burning through the batt.
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